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Alli Reed

English 2

Mr. Cecil/ Period 5

September 19, 2005


Descriptive Rough Draft Essay

     I was sitting by my campsite.  I was just relaxing and listening to all the wonderful sounds that nature makes.  I was looking at squirrels weird behaviors.  I was in Yosemite National Park.  My family and I go there every year with my whole family.  The site of every square inch in Yosemite is wondrous.  It’s like being in heaven.  My family and I never get enough of it.

     Sitting by my campsite I hear the birds singing and squirrels running around everywhere fighting for food left on the ground.  I even saw a mommy bear and two little cubs walking through the sunlight in broad daylight.  You can hear the rushing waters of Vernal Falls and the river next to you.  You hear and see both little and big kids riding on their bikes right past you racing to be the first one back to their campsite.  Every time I look up I wonder how pine trees could ever be as humongous as they are right in front of me and how long they have been there.  The smell of the pine trees is what I enjoy the most because it makes the air around you clean like nature usually is. 

     I wonder how nature could really be without humans in it and how it would be so much more peaceful without us in it.  Knowing that all these beautiful places that we torn down could still be alive.  When I am there I feel like the smallest living thing there will great big walls of granite surrounding me.  The other species of mammals all think of us as just an animal that is not there to take over, and how deer, squirrels, and birds come just close enough so I can touch them.  Nature is just at peace there, respecting each others boundaries.

     Yosemite National Park is the most beautiful place I have ever been, and will hopefully always stay like that forever.  The smell of the pine and the humongous water falls and rocks make everything seem so little and that you are not the greatest thing in the world.  It lets you see how much more beautiful nature is than what people see it as today.  Yosemite National Park is the greatest place to be, and will always show us different amazing things about nature every time we go there.






     In the summer of 2005 my family and a couple of family friends came along to Yosemite.  When you first come in the beautiful valley of Yosemite you get the fresh smell of pine and river.  We went bike riding around all of the villages and bought a couple of knick-knacks.  We go floating around the river and walk back to the campsite.  Around the campsites there are squirrels and birds running around.  Behind the campsite there is a little creek that runs.  The ground is rock hard that you sleep in, but it is just nice that you can be out in the wilderness.